CLE (Civil Liberties Enforcement) is a comprehensive initiative aimed at providing transport services, security and surveillance, and community courtesy roadside assistance. It is a veteran-operated organization that utilizes funds raised through the EPU DEX platform, specifically through the purchase and swapping of CLE and ACT tokens, which have been provided liquidity by the American Covenant Trust. With an initial budget of $500,000, CLE aims to procure five vehicles, cover operational and maintenance costs, and provide training and employment opportunities. This executive summary aims to provide an extensive and detailed overview of the initiative.

Transport Services:

CLE aims to provide efficient and reliable transport services to the community. The organization intends to procure five vehicles, including sedans and SUVs, to cater to different transportation needs. These vehicles will be equipped with state-of-the-art safety features and comfortable interiors, ensuring a seamless and secure travel experience for passengers. CLE will operate round the clock to serve the communitys transportation needs, including non-emergency medical transportation, shuttle services, and private hire.

Security and Surveillance:

Additionally, CLE will focus on maintaining a safe and secure environment through its security and surveillance services. The organization will utilize advanced surveillance systems installed in its vehicles to deter and prevent criminal activities, ensuring the safety of passengers and the community at large. CLE personnel, composed of highly-trained veterans with extensive security experience and Constitutional Law Jurisdiction, will be responsible for monitoring and responding to security concerns promptly. By deploying these measures, CLE aims to foster a sense of security and confidence within the community.

Community Courtesy Roadside Assistance:

CLE acknowledges the importance of supporting individuals during unexpected situations on the road. To address this concern effectively, the organization will provide community courtesy roadside assistance services. Trained CLE personnel will be available round the clock to offer immediate assistance for common road incidents, such as flat tires, jump-starts, and lockouts. This service will be provided free of charge to community members as a way to demonstrate CLEs commitment to community well-being and safety.

Budget Allocation

The initial budget of $500,000 will be allocated as follows:

Vehicle Procurement: $400,000 will be allocated towards the purchase of five vehicles suitable for different transport needs. This will include the cost of acquisition, customization, and equipping the vehicles with necessary safety features and surveillance systems.


Operations and Maintenance Costs: $50,000 will be allocated for monthly expenses, including fuel costs, vehicle insurance, routine maintenance, and repairs.


Training and Employment: $30,000 will be allocated towards training programs for CLE personnel, ensuring they possess the necessary skills to operate the vehicles, handle security and surveillance equipment, and provide roadside assistance. Additionally, this budget will cover employee salaries and benefits, fostering a sustainable employment model for veterans.

Fundraising and Token Swap

To raise the initial budget, CLE has leveraged the Gurley Swap DEX platform. Over a period of seven months, funds were raised through the purchasing and swapping of CLE and ACT tokens. These tokens have been provided liquidity by the American Covenant Trust, creating a robust financial framework for the organization.


CLEs initiative to provide transport services, security and surveillance, and community courtesy roadside assistance holds immense potential for enhancing community safety, convenience, and support. The organizations veteran-operated model, along with the usage of advanced technologies, will ensure the provision of top-notch services. With an initial budget of $500,000, allocated towards vehicle procurement, operations and maintenance costs, training, and employment, CLE is set to bring its vision to life. With continued support from the Gurley Swap DEX platform and the public, CLE aims to become the go-to provider for civil liberties enforcement services, contributing to safer and more secure communities.

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